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Please see some of the comments from my previous and current clients below

"I am manager at a large prison, the issues staff raise on a daily basis needed specialist support from a qualified counsellor. We as an Establishment had been seeking ways of supporting staff with external support. When the offer of a trained counsellor was made available for staff we grabbed the chance with both hands and when Debbie had completed a couple of sessions’ we knew we had found a gem. Debbie has been helping staff pre-COVID face to face completing hundred plus hours with work and home issues, Debbie’s counselling skills have been put to the test with the wide range of issues raised by staff, she has never been wanting. The staff have nothing but respect and praise for Debbie in her knowledge, skill base and understanding. After COV-D had hit the staff’s anxieties increased Debbie decided to complete sessions on the phone supporting staff in a safe environment, again nothing but praise from staff for Debbie’s skills.

I would employ Debbie full time as a counsellor for staff if I controlled the purse strings, Debbie has saved the Establishment countless amount of hours in staff sickness due to her skills as a counsellor.

Debbie is a gem that we was lucky to find."


"I worked with Debra for 5 months, from the lowest point in my life, suffering with depression and anxiety, and from the first session I realised that she was a kind, compassionate, understanding person, who was clearly people focused. She helped pick me up when I was down, got to the root of my problems, helped me regain my confidence, and also gave me that push when I needed it. Sometimes I walked away from the sessions feeling really pushed, but a day or two later the work we put in together sunk in and became clear. I cannot recommend her services enough, I was always someone who never thought I would need counselling, the classic macho bravado approach, but honestly she is brilliant, if you are struggling please speak to her, she will help."


"9 month's ago I was lost.  9 month's ago, in truth, I didn't really care about my life. 
I didn't know who to turn to when a friend suggested that I talk to Debra. 
It proved to be the most important, life changing and most valuable experience of my life. 
From the start, Debra allowed me to express my feelings in a way that I have never been able to before. It was very hard and very emotional. 
Debra's reassuring nature and thoughtful advice really helped me to open up and understand how to begin to get stronger again. 
Over time we shared a journey and found a way to overcome my difficulties and day by day, week by week, helped me to rebuild my life.
9 months on my lust for life has returned and although I admit that I am close, but not at the summit of that mountain of what is life, I am in a really good place, my self esteem has returned and I am looking forward with confidence. 
Debra never judged me and she is the reason why I am so proud of myself once again.
Debra is a very special, caring human being and will forever be grateful and in her debt. "


"As someone who has had therapy on and off for over 20 years, I’ve never connected with any of the therapist on the same level as I did with Debs. I felt completely at ease and understood, safe to talk freely without judgment. The way I view myself and my thoughts has completely changed. Helping my anxiety, low self esteem and abandonment issues ten fold. Highly recommend."


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